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Services We Provide

Trade Show Contractor

From the initial planning to show take down, our team is dedicated to making your Trade Show a success. Our services include show set-up, drayage handling, exhibit set-up, experienced labor and onsite show management.  Let our professional staff take care of your exhibitors so they look forward to returning on a regular basis.  

Drayage and Material Handling

Main Line Expo is experienced in handling freight so you don’t have to worry about delivery, set-up or return.  Let us handle it for you.  Simply send us your materials and they will be waiting for you upon arrival.  Sit back, relax and let us deal with the heavy lifting. 

Full Labor Management

If you need extra hands at your event, we are happy to help. Our experienced crew can handle any job, big or small, simple or complex - freight handling, exhibit set-up and take down, sign hanging, etc.

CAD Floor Plan Design

Have a meeting space and not sure what will fit? Give our knowledgeable staff a call and we’ll take a closer look at the space, jot down the dimensions and provide you with a 100% accurate CAD floor plan drawn to scale within a few days. Never again will you need to guess how many booths will fit.  

Special Event Decorating

Main Line Expo can help convert your drab event space into a vibrant and energetic world that everyone will enjoy.  Our services include high drape that can cover boring walls, skirted tables with beautiful color selections, carpeting to shield dirty or hard flooring and much more!

Table and Chair Rentals

Rent tables and chairs for your trade show or special event.  Our courteous and punctual staff will deliver your order and place it where you want, when you want.   Skirted tables or throw covers can bring pizazz to any event. 

Pipe and Drape

Booths for your trade show, wall coverings, dressing rooms, sectioning off a space are all good reasons for pipe and drape.  Maybe you have another need?  Regardless of the reasoning we can provide you with colorful pipe and drape that will meet your need.  


Signs, signs everywhere there’s signs!  Signs for your trade show booths, signs for registration, signs for the lobby, signs to point your crowd in the right direction. 


Stages of all shapes, sizes and heights. 



Carpet Rental

Our carpets can be used for a variety of reasons – padding for a hard surface, cover a dirty floor, dampen the sound of a noisy room, bring color to your event, red carpet for a special arrival.  Our staff will deliver your material and secure it to your liking.

Peg Boards and Easels 

Have a need to display items so your audience can see?  We have just what you need –peg boards and easels. Our large pegs boards and standard easels provide the perfect surface to display your items in one easy to find location. 

Directors Chairs and Bar Stools

Have a seat in our cherry wood Director chairs, perfect for discussion forums or to sit comfortably behind high top tables. Our Bar Stools are perfect for any occasion.  

Chrome Stanchions and Velvet Ropes

People will wander wherever they want without crowd control. Our Chrome Stanchions are perfect for pointing people in the right direction or sectioning off a space. 


Installation and Dismantle specialists can assist with a wide variety of needs including support, electrical service coordination and on-site repairs. We have the resources and experience to simplify your show setup and allow you to focus on other things. Our on-site supervisors and dedicated floor managers work with skilled labor and technicians to install and dismantle even the most complex exhibit. Additional services include:

- Pre-planning and budget consultation 
- Support service coordination including electrical, audio visual, floral and more
- Graphics production 
- Emergency repairs and refurbishing
- Multiple show coordination
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